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Welcome, nice that found each other and this place as well. Collect moments not things is a saying – how do we collect and remember these moments? First of all, it tingles to make wonderful ideas and dreams of a perfect wedding day. One day the sun rises, your wedding day is here, flies by and the sun goes down. All of this happens so quickly.

Perhaps the day after getting up you ask yourself, “Where have all those small and intense moments gone and – did that really happen? Somehow it was at the speed of light.” I speak from the experiences of many wedding couples that I have been able to accompany over the past few years. All the details of your wedding planning no longer play a role the next day. From now on, your wedding day is a fixed date in the calendar. Maybe you give him a photo, a photo that has been a moment. One of many that I was there for you.

How were your feelings at your wedding ceremony in the church or at this beautiful lake? What did you experience in your heart? How did the hugs with your friends and family, your couple shoot, and the furious party feel like? How did you spend this day with your loved ones? Was there enough time? What will stay? What questions do you ask yourself today in order to create an emotional and authentic festival? With all your pictures and ideas in mind, I will help you to ask the right questions and to create your memories of a far too short day in the near future.

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We remember special hours for a lifetime and they are remembered far beyond our time. From our children and from our grandchildren. Today we don't know what will come tomorrow. What we know is what we are creating in our life today, what is meaningful to us, and which moments we love to celebrate. Why do we celebrate them? Because we are alive and experience the here and now. Even if this is a bit difficult for us in a modern, mechanized world - I speak from my own experience.

In our life, we ​​collect unique moments that end immediately again and again. Emotional experiences in thoughts, images, and stories outlast any definition and time. When I take photos, I forget this time and see people and moments with my heart. As soon as I press the trigger, the moment becomes part of your story. Stories stay.

I see picture stories that remember all small moments and big emotions as my mission as your wedding photographer.

If you like that idea, please tell me about yourselves, your plans and what brought you here. I look forward to you and capturing your love story in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

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